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SpectraSound Music Transmission Device

Spectra Sound

$20.00 USD

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For tech support and questions, please contact us at physicscentral@aps.org

All too often a great dance party is ruined because the stereo is far off over yonder. Well never let that happen to you again. We at LaserFest present you with SpectraSound -the device that uses laser modulation to transmit your music across the dance floor... or all the way to NGC 5194. SpectraSound is perfect for the home, classroom, lab and parties!

Preferred by laser DJs around the world, SpectraSound will have all the Bboys and Bgirls popping and dropping. Use your hand or a comb to create baby scratches, chirps, flares, scribbles and more!

As part of the 50th anniversary of the laser, LaserFest created a kit called SpectraSound that allows you to transmit sound from your music player through a laser pointer to speakers across the room or further. With mirrors, you will be able to send your music anywhere! All you need is a music player (iPod, cassette player, transistor radio...etc.), 3 AAA batteries, and an amplified speaker system (most stereos with an AUX input will work). For mobile LaserFesting-on-the-go, we recommend the mini amplified speaker from Radio Shack.

Fun activities and experiments with your SpectraSound:

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