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SPIE Video

SPIE presents the Advancing the laser video series: Honoring 50 years of laser achievements

Laser 50The Laser at 50
Writer Jeff Hecht moderates a panel of laser dignitaries at the MIT Museum

Lasers: Transforming Life Lasers: Transforming Life
Learn about the role lasers play in our everyday lives and their potential for our future.

LaserFest KickoffLaserFest Kick-off Event: Steven Chu
February 12, 2010 — National Museum of American History

LaserFest KickoffLaserFest Kick-off Event: Highlights
February 12, 2010 — National Museum of American History

MaimanWatch Theodore Maiman explain the first ruby laser
This TV clip was shown at a Theodore Maiman tribute symposium, hosted by The Optical Society and the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) in 2008.

lasersLasers: Solution Looking for a Problem
A documentary by Lawrence Sutherland

historyLaser History & Development
Interview with Charles H. Townes

futureLasers: Today & The Future
Interview with Charles H. Townes

More Videos from our Supporters

On the Spot Cancer Diagnosis
Gastroenterologists Detect Cancer Cells Without a Biopsy Using Improved Endoscope

Save Money: Cut Energy Costs
Engineers Design Hand Held Device that Uses Lasers to Detect Drafts in Your Home, Save Energy, Money

Mars to Bars
Bio-Analytical Chemists Design Sensor to Detect Life on Mars and Likeliness of Headaches from Red Wines

Keeping Cool on the Ice
Materials Scientists Design High Tech Hockey Jersey

Inside the Clouds
Meteorologists Gather Important Information with 5-Satellite "A-Train" Group

Reducing Your Lead Footprint
Materials Scientists Lead the Way to Lead-Free Electronics with New Material

The Future of Lasers is Bright Blue
William S. Rees Jr. imagines a future where we will carry all of the information that we would ever need-our driver's license, credit cards, security codes, even our mother-in-law's phone number-on a CD-like disk the size of a dime.

The Fascinating World of Lasers
Find out more about how the laser works and its evolution into an effective tool used in many applications.

Educational Outreach Videos
Free Optics and Photonics Educational CDs and DVDs from SPIE

New Vistas in Adaptive Optics
Adaptive Optics at Palomar Observatory

Video Podcast with Ed Moses
Ed Moses talks about the National Ignition Facility

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