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March 2010 Newsletter


Mani Bhaumik

The LaserFest team would like to express its profound gratitude to Dr. Mani Bhaumik for his generous support. A fellow of both the APS and IEEE, Dr. Bhaumik is responsible for numerous advancements in laser science. He led the team that demonstrated the world's first efficient excimer laser, which made possible Lasik corrective eye surgery. Today, he continues to add to his legacy as a successful physicist, author, lecturer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Acknowledging the important role of lasers in his life, Dr. Bhaumik recently became a platinum-level sponsor of the LaserFest celebration.

Learn more on his wikipedia page.

Laser Luminary Display

A display showcasing laser science and technology pioneers and luminaries debuted at SPIE Photonics West in January and has been deployed at other LaserFest events including the gala reception held at the Smithsonian in February.

The display was one of several elements at Photonics West in San Francisco celebrating the laser. Installations began at the front door with a laser projection display, the luminary display panels, and video interviews and archival footage in the entrance hall.

More than 100 vintage lasers and other equipment were shown in the exhibition hall, along with a timeline depicting the history of the technology. In the booth next door, APS previewed the Spectra Sound kit and introduced exhibit visitors to the comic book heroine Spectra, and further down the aisle a Khet World Tournament featured the popular strategy game that uses lasers.

Welcome reception attendees were treated to a memorable evening of laser entertainment including a light show, a magic show, video, acrobats, and a "laser-tini" cocktail created just for the event. Nobel Laureate Charles Townes was on hand to present a LASE best paper award.

The luminary displays were shown again at SPIE Advanced Lithography in San Jose in February, and will make appearances at CLEO in May, SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing and Photonics Europe in April, and other events. The artwork will be adapted for additional formats suitable for posting on the web, along with photos from the equipment exhibition.

LaserFest Video Contest

Do you love lasers? Ever wanted to unravel the mystery of the stimulated emission? Then the LaserFest video contest is for you. Take any laser you want and use it to somehow express a physics concept. Shine, lase, bounce and wave your way into physics history.

The winner will receive a trophy lovingly made by APS staff from some of our favorite laser toys as well as $1,000 cash. All entries must be received by May 16th at midnight.

Video Contest Rules:

* We recommend that the videos be two minutes or shorter. But if you feel you really need some extra time, go for it.

* All videos must be received by May 16th, 2010 (this date ring any bells?).

* Submitted videos may be used by the American Physical Society in its activities, including posting videos on the Internet.

* Please submit your video via the YouTube Internet site at YouTube.com

* Tag your YouTube video with the term 'laserfest' and send an email to physicscentral@aps.org with 'LaserFest Video' in the subject line to alert us to your video's existence.

* There will be two awards given, the Grand Prize which will receive a trophy and $1,000 and the People's Choice award which will receive the pride of knowing they like you, they really like you.

* The top ten videos will be posted to be voted on for the people's choice award. Voting for the people's choice award will begin May 24th.

* The winner of both awards will be notified on May 31st.

More Information

Smithsonian Event

The organizers of LaserFest together with the Smithsonian National Museum of American History co-hosted a special event on February 12, 2010, at the museum in Washington to honor those who have made significant contributions to the development and application of laser technology. Honored individuals included researchers who developed the concept of the laser, demonstrated some of the first early lasers or received Nobel Prizes and other accolades for their work with lasers.

More pictures of the event

LASYS Trade Show

From June 8-10, LaserFest will be traveling to Stuttgart, Germany for LASYS, the International trade fair for system solutions in laser material processing

This trade show clearly differs from other laser technology trade fairs and is creating a unique window for the display of metallic and non-metallic material processing. LASYS spans the areas of both materials and industries. The focus is laser production systems for macro & micro laser material processing, procedures (applications/product solutions) as well as components and system peripherals for laser production technology and services. First organized in 2008 it created a successful platform for nearly 200 exhibitors and attracted over 3,600 attendees. 67% of LASYS visitors are involved in purchasing decisions. 90% of exhibitors already plan to participate at the next LASYS. Conveniently located right next to the Stuttgart Airport, LASYS is taking a further important step towards becoming the leading European meeting point for the Laser Industry in 2010.

Contact U.S. Representative: Nicole.Essawy.usa@MesseStuttgart.com

Learn More

AAAS Annual Meeting

Last month, LaserFest traveled to San Diego, California to attend the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting. Thanks to all who stopped by our booth in the exhibition hall, or attended one or more of the three sessions devoted to LaserFest, which dealt with the laser past, present and future. Due to AAAS's Family Science Days event, the exhibit hall was home to many exciting hands-on science demonstrations, including laser demos by our friends at Lawrence Livermore National Lab's Ignition Facility. Our supply of free Spectra comic books, stickers, posters, and light-emitting diodes didn't stand a chance against the hordes of young future scientists. Check our events map to find out when we visit your area.

LaserFest on the Road

LaserFest on the Road is underway! Thanks again to all who entered, and congratulations to those receiving funding. Scan the list to see what's nearby. Check our events map or follow up with the institutions for more information.

See the full list of 36 world wide events.

In This Issue:

  • Mani Bhaumik
  • Laser Luminary Display
  • LaserFest Video Contest
  • Smithsonian Event
  • LASYS Trade Show
  • AAAS Annual Meeting
  • On the Road Grants

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Low energy lasers are often used in acupuncture instead of needles.

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LaserFest Welcomes New Partners

LaserFest is proud to announce our cooperation with new sponsors and partners. We greatly appreciate the contributions of Infinera Corporation, AT&T Labs, Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, CVI Melles Griot, and Newport Corporation, and would like to thank the Laser Institute of America, Russian Academy of Sciences, National University of Ireland, Galway, CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics, University of Central Florida, Universidade Federale de Pernambuco, China Institute of Communications, Indian Institute of Technology, Academia Mexicana de Optica, IESL-FORTH, University of Rochester Institute of Optics, Acoustical Society of America, Optical Society of Korea, IEEE Communications Society, Optical Society of India, Nour21, Vienna University of Technology, and Swisslaser, all of whom have recently declared their support. Thank you!

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