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September 2009 Newsletter


SPIE Joins LaserFest as Founding Partner

LaserFest welcomes SPIE as a founding partner of the celebration. SPIE is the International Society for Optics and Photonics, founded in 1955 to advance the science and application of light. Serving more than 188,000 constituents from 138 countries, the Society advances emerging technologies through interdisciplinary information exchange, continuing education, publications, patent precedent, and career and professional growth. SPIE annually organizes and sponsors approximately 25 major technical forums, exhibitions, and education programs in North America, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. In 2008, the Society provided more than $1.9 million in support of scholarships, grants, and other education programs around the world. SPIE also publishes the SPIE Digital Library, containing approximately 280,000 research papers from the Proceedings of SPIE and the Society's six scholarly journals, with around 18,000 new papers added each year. For more information, visit SPIE.org.

Spectra Comic Book

Look out for the Spectra comic book, online September 29th! In "Spectra's Power" PhysicsQuest 2009, students will follow the ordinary school girl Lucinda Hene, as she transforms into the powerful Spectra, a superhero with the powers of a laser. To unlock the mystery of her origin and her powers, Spectra must defeat the evil super villain, the deadly Miss Alignment. As Spectra learns about her past, students will learn about why lasers are one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. They will do experiments that highlight why lasers are extraordinary tools for unlocking the mysteries of our world. Meanwhile, students will be helping Spectra and her team save the world from the clutches of Miss Alignment.

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Register for PhysicsQuest 2009

Registration for PhysicsQuest 2009 is now available! Designed for educators and individuals interested in outreach, PhysicsQuest kits are great for middle-school classrooms, afterschool groups, or your own children. Plus, they're free! Classes can submit their answers to four fun science experiments online and be entered into a random drawing for awesome prizes! Registration is filling up fast, so hurry!

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USA Science Festival 2010

Get ready for the largest celebration of science in the United States! In fall of 2010, the inaugural USA Science Festival in Washington, D.C. will be the country's first national science festival. Over 500 science organizations from around the country will present fun, hands-on science activities to inspire the next generation of potential Einsteins. Assembled by the same team that created the highly successful San Diego Science Festival, the D.C. festival will celebrate all aspects of science through inspiring lectures, hands-on activities and exhibits, contests, theatre, comedy, poetry, art, music, and of course, lasers!

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LaserFest Technical Advisory Committee

The founders of LaserFest have created an ad-hoc technical advisory group. The Technical Advisory Committee is comprised of 13 prominent laser physicists who will lend their scientific and technical expertise to all aspects of the 2010 LaserFest celebration.

The roster, assembled by OSA, SPIE and APS includes Tony Campillo, Tom Baer, Bob Boyd, Bill Bridges, Warren Warren, Anthony DeMaria, James Gordon, John Hall, John Howard, Paul Kelley, Anthony Siegman, Katarina Svanberg, and Wilson Sibbett. Their suggestions for lecturers, interviews, website content, exhibits, literature, and more will make LaserFest a more rewarding experience for all involved.

LaserFest Welcomes New Partners

LaserFest is proud to announce our cooperation with new partners! We would like to thank the Stanford Photonics Research Center, Geological Society of America, International Commission for Optics, Materials Research Society, Arizona's College of Optical Sciences, European Optical Society, Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science, and Laser Optics Berlin, all of whom have declared their support in the last month. Thank you!

September 2009

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Did You Know?

The strength of early lasers was measured in 'Gillettes', which was the number of Gillette razor blades the beam could penetrate. Today, laser spot welding of Gillette brand disposable razor blades is one of the highest volume applications of laser welding!

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