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Welcome to LaserFest!

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Watching your favorite movie on DVD. Surfing the web. Scanning barcodes at the grocery store. Since 1960, lasers have revolutionized the way we live. Through a series of events and programs in 2010, LaserFest helped to showcase the prominence of the laser in today's world. Browse around to learn all about the science, applications, history and people associated with one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century!

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Tripping the Laser Fantastic: A Look Back at LaserFest 2010 

APS Produces Lasers Lessons and Kits

50 Years of Lasers in Scotland PDF

Science News for Kids: A very good blast from the past

"Golden Jubilee of Lasers: Past, Present, Future" at the IEEE/Photonics society Annual conference

MIT Museum LaserFest 2010: The Laser at 50

Vintage lasers, return of popular laser light shows bring LaserFest to Univ. of Arizona for fall semester

Tel Aviv OSA Student Chapter Celebrates LaserFest PDF
Tel Aviv University OSA Student Chapter

Nifty At Fifty- Five decades of laser technology shine light on chemistry fundamentals
Chemical and Engineering News

Lasers in Science and Industry PDF
A report to OSTP on the contribution of lasers to American jobs and the American economy
Prepared by Dr. Thomas M. Baer and Dr. Fred Schlachter

PHD Comics: Ode to the Laser

Early Soviet Papers on Quantum Electronics
From 1939 to 1972

U.S. House of Representatives passes Resolution Recognizing 50th Anniversary of the Laser PDF

LaserFest on the Road: Grant Recipients

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AAPTSigma Pi SigmaAAPM




Laser Optics Berlin







AAS   invest photonics

Laser World of Photonics






LASYSPhotonics Center




Russian Academy of Sciences
CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics, University of Central Florida


National University of Ireland, Galway
Laser Institute of America
CIOMP Institute
China Institute of Communications


Indian Institute of Technology    Academia Mexicana de Optica    Universidade Federal de Pernambuco    OSI    Nour21



IEEE Communications Society

University of Rochester (Institute of Optics)

Acoustical Society of America    Optical Society of Korea


Vienna University of TechnologyHRL Laboratories


Tunisian Physical Society  Institute of Photonics and NanotechnologiesAdvanced Photonics Research Institute


50 Years of the Laser in the City of Light  Northern Illinois University STEM
Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics

Physical Sciences, Incorporated
Physical Society of Hong Kong


Italian Society for Optics and Photonics  SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Centro de Investigaciones Opticas  Kimathi University College of Technology
Laser Research Institute  College of William & Mary


Institute of PhysicsUniversita di Pavia
American Chemical Society
Universidad del Valle


Festival della ScienzaUniversity of Strathclyde
China International Optoelectronic Exposition
OSA Foundation


Photonics 2010
LIGO LiMat- 50 Years of Laser
Scottish Optoelectronic Association Optikos Corporation


The Boeing Company

Media Partners

Optics and Photonics News
Laser Focus WorldSPIE Professional
Europa Science


Laser Innovations

Adaptive OpticsAdaptive Optics utilize powerful lasers to create an artificial "star" 100km above Earth's surface, which scientists use to correct telescopes for atmospheric distortion.
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Laser History Timeline

19611961: Charles Campbell and Charles Koester destroy a retinal tumor with the ruby laser, the first medical use of the laser.
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LaserFest Posters!

Poster Speeding Poster
Curious about the answers to our new posters? Click on the poster to find out more.

My First Laser

A true story by H. Frederick Dylla

LaserFest Video Contest
Winners Announced!!

Surprise! We chose two grand prize winners that will receive $1000 each. We also have a People's Choice Award winner.

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Lasers in Pictures

laser laser laser laser

Innovation Award Laser Technology 2014

The closing date for applications for the Innovation Award Laser Technology provided with 10.000 Euro prize money is January 17, 2014.

This European research and technology prize is awarded at 2-yearly intervals jointly by the associations Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik e.V. and the European Laser Institute ELI and addresses individual researchers or on entire project groups, who have successfully conceived and implemented an innovative idea relating to laser technology, following the project through from application oriented research to ultimate industrial application.

More Information


SpectraSoundWe present you with SpectraSound, the device that uses laser modulation to send your music across the dance floor... or all the way to NGC 5194. SpectraSound is perfect for the home, classroom, lab and parties! We're selling this kit as part of LaserFest, the 50th anniversary of the laser. With mirrors, you will be able to send your music anywhere! Use your hand or a comb to create scratches like a real laser DJ.

Find out how to get your hands and ears on your own SpectraSound kit.

Laser Research Scores Another Nobel

The 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to two physicists that devised laser-based techniques to explore quantum mechanical behavior of photons and particles. Serge Haroche of the Collège de France and David Wineland of the National Institute of Standards and Technology share the prize. Learn more about the prize here.

Learn more about the prize here

LaserFest on the Road

LaserFest rewarded 38 outstanding outreach teams up to $10,000 to educate and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the laser. Follow them around the world!

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arrow LaserFest at William and Mary

arrow Beam Me Up Scottie! at Agnes Scott College

LaserFest Videos

Laser 50The Laser at 50
Writer Jeff Hecht moderates a panel of laser dignitaries at the MIT Museum.

Lasers: Transforming Life Lasers: Transforming Life
Learn about the role lasers play in our everyday lives and their potential for our future.

Kick-off EventLaserFest Kick-off Event: Steven Chu
February 12, 2010
National Museum of American History

Kick-off EventLaserFest Kick-off Event: Highlights
February 12, 2010
National Museum of American History

MaimanTheodore Maiman
An explanation of the first ruby laser by Theodore Maiman

Solution Looking for a ProblemLasers: Solution Looking for a Problem
A documentary by Lawrence Sutherland

History & DevelopmentLaser History & Development
Interview with Charles H. Townes

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